Gabrielle + Stevin | Anchor Inn Wedding Photos | Pasadena, MD

August 21, 2019 Gabrielle + Stevin | Anchor Inn Wedding Photos | Pasadena, MD

Gabrielle and Stevin’s wedding was a gorgeous day filled with lots of emotional sweet moments, I’m so excited to share the highlights on the blog today!

The Couple

From the bride:

“Steve and I met at a concert at Darien lake. Out of all the spots he could have parked, he ended up parking next to me. Little did either of us know, we both were talking about each other while tailgating with friends. Finally Steve built up the courage to approach me with the help of my best friend Danielle since they went to school together.

Steve proposed to me June 9, 2018. He was giving my siblings and I a tour of the Capitol building as he is a Capitol police officer. He managed to talk to patrol that day and allowing them to let us to enter the balcony of the Capitol. It was there that was proposed in front of my siblings and I was in utter shock. It was beautiful.”

The Wedding

Stevin and Gabrielle‘s wedding day was absolutely amazing! We started the day off with them at the hotel where we got hit with an absolutely crazy thunderstorm. But you’d never know it given how the rest of the day turned out! Beautiful sunshine and blue skies greeted them as soon as they arrived to the venue, almost as if to say they were where they were supposed to be. There were so many sweet personal touches and a ton of beautiful emotional moments – and I’m excited to share the highlights on the blog today!

Anchor Inn Wedding Photos

Anchor Inn Wedding Vendors

This Anchor Inn Wedding was photographed by Baltimore Wedding Photographers Breanna Shaw and Tommy Wagner for Photography by Brea with assistance by Brooke Boyd. Gabrielle and Stevin also had us bring along our photo booth which was a huge hit at the party!



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