I love to capture love.

Every couple, every family, deserves to be photographed by someone who’s captivated by the little moments, the unique dynamics and the very privilege of being included in events that truly matter. I feel so incredibly lucky to be pursuing this as my life’s work.

As a wedding and family photographer, I focus on creating genuine, lasting relationships with the people who hire me. Everything about my working process is designed for us to get to know each other, to earn your trust, and to create a bond that lasts well beyond your wedding day. From the engagement session where we have the opportunity to hang out for a few hours, get to know each other better, and get comfortable with one another, to our post-wedding meeting when we design your album together, it’s all about building a friendship. I want you to feel like you’re being photographed by someone who truly gets you and puts you completely at ease, not a stranger. It’s this mutual trust that allows me to capture you as you truly are. And, of course, I want you to love your images as much as you love each other! (Well, close to it, anyway.)

I guess this wouldn’t really be an “About Brea” page without talking a little about myself. I have a cat, Sherlock, whom I adore (seriously, at like crazy levels – he has his own Instagram — check it out @sherlocknessmonster) and an 11 year old leopard gecko named Turbo! During the winter when I’m not shooting weddings, I teach a video class part-time at the Sheffield Institute of the Recording Arts, and love having a positive impact on my students. I’m a scuba diver, a rock climber, a snowboarder, a glass blower (#breablowsglass on instagram), and a world traveler. I’m also a world class napper and Netflix marathoner. All equally important things. Everything I love to do challenges me personally and makes me a stronger person. I feel the most alive when I feel connected to this beautiful planet. The Earth is so big and we’re so small – traveling puts so many things into perspective.

Creating unique, extraordinary art for my clients, on a day that means the world to them, is the greatest feeling in the world. I’d love the opportunity to do that for you, and I can’t wait to chat with you about making that happen.

This is Tommy

Puppy lover, Rock Climber, and Bow-tie Expert.

In early 2017, Tommy first shadowed me on a wedding. I threw a camera in his hands, gave very little instruction and just waited to see what would happen. What came back was mind blowing. What is so hard to teach, he picked up on right away– and that’s how to connect, anticipate, and capture real human moments. Since then he’s become my always second shooter and partner! Our work complements each other’s perfectly and we make an awesome team. It’s also really amazing working with the one you love, especially when you’re in the business of love! Tommy is an outdoorsy adventurous type and feels most at home in the mountains. He’s a rock climber and has traveled all over the US and to Europe in search of world class boulders. He also loves puppies, so if you bring your dog to your engagement session or wedding, he’ll be your best friend.