August 23, 2016 Kendall + Dean | Celebrations at the Bay | Baltimore, Maryland Wedding

Kendall and Dean have such a cool, unique story. Kendall's brother, who also happens to be Dean's best friend, introduced them 7 years ago. They were at different places in their lives at the time, but continued to hang out in the same friend group, and even vacation together, as friends for several years. It wasn't until 2013 when they were both single that Rob started to nudge them together again. They went on their first date in November of...

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August 17, 2016 Christine + Matt | American Visionary Art Museum Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland

This past Saturday, Matt married the girl next door. Literally. Matt and Christine met when they were both living in Federal Hill. She lived in a row house with a few other girls, and Matt lived next door with a few other guys. Since they shared a breezeway, and their roof decks were right next to each other, they saw each other pretty often. They got to know each other, and the rest is history. Their wedding on Saturday was an...

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August 9, 2016 Rachel + Jordan are Engaged! | Washington DC Proposal Photography

I remember the first time I met Rachel. Jordan and I had only been friends a few months, but we had quickly become vendor BFFs (If you don't know, Jordan is a crazy talented wedding DJ). When I met Rachel, I immediately took to her the same way I took to Jordan. Which is impressive, considering we met at a party for Jordan's DJ company and we were yelling over the music to hear each other. It wasn't long after...

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July 27, 2016 Kim + Andy | Evergreen Country Club Wedding | Haymarket, VA

I'm so excited to share Kim and Andy's wedding on the blog today!! They are the some of the most well traveled people I know - which makes sense given how they met! Kim is originally from the US, but Andy is originally from the UK. Their lives ended up bringing them both separately to the United Arab Emirates as teachers - Andy a business teacher, and Kim an elementary school teacher. They met at a local bar in Abu Dhabi...

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July 20, 2016 Kristina + Mike | Celebrations at the Bay | Baltimore, MD

Most young girls know what it's like to be in school and have a crush on an olderĀ popular boy. Kristina was a freshman, Mike was a senior. They never spoke or actually knew each other, but she thought he was cute and drew hearts around his picture in her yearbook-like young girls do. Fast forward 15 years, and Facebook recommended that they friend each other. She thought he looked handsome, and they had many mutual friends but she couldn't figure...

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