04 May Jen + Ryan | Anchor Inn Wedding | Baltimore, MD

This wedding makes me so happy. Jen is adorable and hilarious and as you'll see shortly, she's the queen of awesome facial expressions. Ryan is the equally awesome peanut butter to her jelly. Ryan proposed to Jen in August 2014 at Patapsco Valley State Park. He had planned out the perfect proposal and Jen had absolutely no idea. Jen's sister and her new puppy were supposed to meet Jen and they would go for a hike with the puppy at...

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03 May Amanda + Eric | George Peabody Library Wedding | Baltimore, MD

Ever since I first saw photos of the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, it has been at the top of my photography bucket list. I couldn't wait to get my first opportunity to photograph at what was to me an all time dream venue.  Enter Amanda and Eric. They were excited that I was so excited about the venue, and didn't mind at all that I hadn't worked there before. I knew I would be beyond ecstatic for my first Peabody wedding, no...

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02 May Weekend Recap!

This weekend I had my first double header wedding weekend of the year, and if this weekend was any indication of the rest of the year to come - I can't wait. Tomorrow on the blog, Amanda and Eric's wedding at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore. I've been looking forward to this wedding forever, and it did not disappoint. This venue has been a dream venue of me for a long time and I hope that this is the first of...

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27 Apr Tyler + Jamie | Cira Center Wedding | Philadelphia, PA

This past weekend Tyler and Jamie were at the Cira Center in Philadelphia. We woke up to pouring rain, but it had cleared up and made way for a beautiful day by the time we met at Race Street Pier for Jamie and Tyler's first look. I first met Tyler when he was the Best Man at Jameson and Matt's wedding in 2014. I knew that since he kept good company, that he and Jamie must be pretty great as well. As it...

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22 Apr Liz + Brad | Annapolis Engagement Session

Liz and Brad are awesome and hilarious. There was so much laughter and ridiculousness during their session, it was a blast. Adding to the ridiculousness, was the fact that I woke up with a cold out of nowhere Wednesday morning, and my ability to make coherent conversation was severely crippled. They were good sports considering how terrible I was at putting my thoughts into words. I love that Liz chose Annapolis because she loved the brick and the old town charm....

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